2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: conclusion

Do you know what is a competition about? You would have learnt it here. Is it about sport? No, sport is something different. Sport is more qualitative, described with words like values, fairness, brotherhood, enlighment, training… Competition is quantitative, like money, competition is about results. The public requires results, the competitors look for results, the manufacturers work for results, the organizers produce results.

The local organizers have made a tremendous job to set up that competition in 2 weeks time. Dio is a great Meet Director. Thanks to all the local guys and gals involved, improvising might be one of the greatest qualities of Brazilian people with friendship. My next trip will be to Argentina by the end of February. I love Argentina too. Maybe the competition scene will have cleaned up its plate since then. Maybe not. We will see. That will give me some time to recompose myself, launch new projects, looking towards the future.

Now that the time for conclusion has come, I understand why switching to English popped in my mind as necessary. I remember now my first English book. Notebook. Handwritten by my mother during her own studies, maybe in the late 50s. She gave it to me when I started English lessons at about 10 years old. How to pronounce vowels. Auxiliary verbs. Irregular verbs. Preterit. I used it for years. Two weeks ago she left me another notebook. Handwritten. I might need years again to read through it. Thanks Mummy.

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  1. Belle conclusion « philosophique » et « réflexive » …, n’est-il pas ?
    Bon voyage retour , sans mauvaise surprise j’espére, vers nos cieux du vieux continent sous la bache humide de Janvier … et à bientôt pour une soirée partagée dans la brotherhood de Normandie …
    Laurent .

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