2014 World Cup – Argentina: Introduction

So… here we go flying again! Hopefully in a lighter mood, with a better atmosphere. At the time to write a word of introduction for another Paragliding World Cup, ideas are lacking or colliding. So many mistakes have been made, so much harm has been done recently to this beautiful sport that I like so much. For the upcoming week, let’s pretend I do not care. I am part of the Fight Club and will abide by its rules.

My destination today is Mina Clavero, Argentina. It is a small pleasant town West of Cordoba, across a small cordillera. I already went several times to Argentina, that is one of the most beautiful countries I know, with so many different landscapes. I had a chance to fly in that very same place some 10 years ago. But the real chance was to cross the path of a Condor during my flight. That was so impressive, such a big bird heading face to face with me, and be aware they have no clue on priority rules or escape maneuvers.

We will be flying along a single ridge line, offering possibilities to go North and South, with options on the flats and plateaus on the West side. I will be part of a small and fresh French team with a rather scanty opposition but with local pilots having the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. So that my obvious personal target will be to validate my entry ticket for the next SuperFinal. That is such an incredible event, I would not want to miss one.

What? Did you actually believe that? Please do not! My target is to enjoy my traveling and my flying. Now you can trust me!