2014 World Cup – Argentina: Discovery

30h after having left my home close to Paris I set foot in Mina Clavero. It is midnight and I need a rest. Welcome to another end of the world. No surprise there are so few pilots from Argentina coming in Europe to play with, all economical problems set aside.

The city is calm, developing local tourism. After a good breakfast we went walking in the main street to discover local shops, find water and waffers. At 11am it is time to go up the hill with the shuttles. Then, when arrived on the lip of the plateau at about 1500m, a big pile of scattered stones from the moon, we start a 30 minutes walk in a beautiful wild landscape towards the take-off. Apparently rain has not lacked around here in the last days or weeks, so hints us the watery grass.

I took off for a bit more than 2 hours flying, meeting some birds but no condor yet. Wind and breeze makes everything to make you loose your marks. Thermals are rather bubbles, shattered in pieces, good lines are suddenly sinking as soon as you decide to turn into an apparently good vertical speed. Baffling. Plus shadow and sun are moving fast, the sky is changing colors quite rapidly. I am rather convinced we should not ruin our pulleys here. I will stay alert, sure, but my rythm shall be cool to begin with.

I went running a bit late afternoon, had a good shower. Tomorrow is the official training and registration day. I did not have a look at the weather forecast, we will see. The most important now is too look for a good restaurant.