Performance Paragliding – Preparation (Paperback Edition)

Yippee! The first volume of Performance Paragliding – Preparation, is now available in paperback edition. Thanks René and Alex. By looking for a solution for you German readers, I could find a solution for all potential readers!

Sometimes you end where you should have started. I was so focused on publishing an e-book to avoid physical issues that I neglected options. With the major one lying exactly in front of me: Amazon Direct Publishing. I might promote a bit too much their services these times, but this particular one makes a difference for authors: you can publish a paperback edition, worldwide, with no minimum copies to print, at a material cost of about 3 Euros per copy and a distribution margin of 40%. All in all, very attractive for modest authors.

I will see if, like it is possible for the e-book, I can upgrade the content of the book. I could add pictures to make it look nicer and more colorful. Anyway, even though pictures could make it more enjoyable, I hope you will learn from the text, or find sensible questions to ask yourself about your practice. On paper!

First volume of Performance Paragliding is out!

First things first: let me wish you all the best you deserve for 2019.

I have not published much recently, but let’s have a good start for the new year. As a matter of fact, i have a good feeling about what 2019 will bring. 

Performance Paragliding

Here is the reason why I feel so good (well, sure, there are others, but that is not the topic here): the first volume of Performance Paragliding is now available as an ebook from Amazon Kindle store

The original printed book has been divided into two volumes for e-publishing. The first one is devoted to training, « Preparation for Cross-Country and Competition Flying », while the second one addresses performance in terms of execution and achieving goals, « Efficiency in Cross-Country and Competition Flying ». First volume starts with the introduction while the second ends with the conclusion.

Why an ebook?

Initially, I hoped for a print translated version. I love physical books, I have plenty of them. But I almost never read them twice. I should better offer them to non-profit educational associations. For the last two years, I used a Kindle and got convinced by ebooks. My eReader is full of memory, convenient for travel, offers good contrast under a bright sun or with the shallow light of my bedpost, contains practical services like dictionary and note marking.

So, when untrustworthy editors made their hard Brexit and let me down, I considered all the troubles that a print book carries: postage costs, paper costs, environmental cost (quite sure, a unique small tree might be enough to print all the books I would sell). Rule of thumb, ebooks represent 20% of print book sales. But now some books are available in electronic format only. Tell me about the future. 

Why two volumes?

Now, why two volumes for the English ebook? Because of Amazon! Let me explain: Amazon keeps 30% of the book price if it is sold under 9,99 € or $. But their fee booms to 65% if you exceed that price tag. So, as the structure of my book was already made of two parts, training and execution, the obvious conclusion was to publish two ebooks at about 9,99 each. 

I hope you will enjoy and benefit from the reading of this first volume, giving it multi-star rating. Stay tuned for « Performance Paragliding – Efficiency in Cross-Country and Competition Flying », the second volume, soon to be released. Spring would be an appropriate season for that, wouldn’t it?

Un petit dernier pour la route

Dites donc, rien de publié ici depuis un moment? Il faut dire, j’aime vraiment mon dernier billet sur l’Australie. Et puis ce que j’ai pu faire en vol ensuite, Mosel Open, vol de plaine, Airtour (ah non, là, pas de vol!), PWC en Italie, je l’ai fait d’abord pour moi, pour me balader, rencontrer du monde, profiter des voyages. Bien entendu, j’ai plein de brouillons rédigés de-ci de-là mais rien de suffisamment inspirant pour que je publie. La fin de semaine dernière m’a inspiré, alors voici une nouvelle petite aventure en parapente!

Un petit dernier pour la route
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We have a new title, and sub-titles!

Performance Paragliding

Aligning planets is not something you can decide to, but only observe. Tough call to find a consensus out of the short poll. Nevertheless, the first result on titles for the English version of « Parapente Performance » is unexpected and outstanding: swapping words of the initially planned title is a must. As in military and flying action, best strategy in litterature does not survive the first minute of engagement. Thanks a lot for your feedback. As well, I should have thought of a « native English speaker » checkbox in the poll, but readers will be from all over the world, won’t they? 😀

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Help me find the right titles!

Great project! As mentionned some weeks ago, I have taken the decision to translate my book « Performance Parapente » to English. It could have happened before, now the time has come. I will tell you more quite soon. For the moment, what I need is to define the right title and sub-titles. You can help me by filling the poll below, thanks in advance for your support!

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