2014 World Cup – Argentina: Training

The day was not looking too good this morning, nor at noon, nevertheless we had a good flying today. Our wings were transported by truck to the take-off, so that we had a nice and light stroll in the beautiful landscape. The organization has to find its marks, that is what the training day is made for. South American way, like a training task with visual waypoints or sandwiches arriving after I took off. Nothing really important, we really enjoyed the day.

My main GPS instrument (the C-Pilot) accepted to work today. Yesterday it froze on take-off, and it was not due to temperature. We entered the approximate task in our GPS with the small bunch of French pilots and covered the circuit with Franck, Olivier and Jacques. The part in the flats was the most interesting. Again we landed in the grassy airfield, an old strip that apparently is not used. Or not used too often.

In a few minutes registration will open at the casino. That is the place were HQ has been set. Doesn’t it sound like an interesting prospect?