2014 World Cup – Argentina: Sunday 2, no task

Yesterday it started to rain with the opening of the registration, not stopping through the night. Without too much of a surprise, today has been canceled early in the morning. I have been designated by the PWCA as member of the Task Committee. That was a nice proposition from them. I have accepted this mission by sheer curiosity as I never did this job before. It comes with responsibility and an additional workload, hopefully I will manage it.

This morning I was willing to run for 16km, that is the entry I have for today in my program for preparing a sky-running competition in May. The good point is that the terrain around is far from flat. But even after a deep study of satellite images I could not find my way in a maze of muddy tracks. Too many U-turns fed me up before I completed the distance. Nevertheless, with the up&downs slopes I had to fight with, the overall target has been reached in terms of running time.

World Cups are usually a good reflection of reality, of the world we live in. Not that many Europeans made the effort to come over here, so that registration comp was nearly full. Only 6 of the top 100 pilots are present, including two ladies. Will one of them be the first winner of a PWC event? Why not. More important is the fact that about 10 pilots from Venezuela could not catch any plane to come, as people are fleeing away from their collapsing country. I think I do not know pilots from Ukraine. We are privileged and should not forget it.