2014 World Cup – Argentina: Monday 3, stopped 52km Race to Goal

I am not too sure about what to write tonight. A friend got hurt before the start opened, when brave early birds were scratching low in not so well organized bubbles. After an epic rescue he is now safe and attended, responding good, on the way to the hospital at Cordoba for a complete check up. Maybe I cringed too much during my short flight listening to the repeated calls for an helicopter, one of my crowned molars unfixed itself from my jaw. Hopefully I did not swallowed it.

I could take off in a good cycle 15 minutes or less before the start opens. Climbed straight up to the cloud. Darted forward for the start cylinder and the first turnpoint. The task was basically an out-and-return circuit. Together with Jacques we moved into the flats and build up a good advance. Only to loose it when reaching a venturi area about 10 to 5km before the furthest turnpoint. We hit quite a bit of wind. I struggled for some minutes and gave up, more or less. 30 minutes later the group passed over me, 1 hour later the task was stopped.

I waited on the main road for an hour, maybe two, and climbed in a public bus to come back to HQ. And ran directly to the hospital nearby. And came back to HQ later on, only to try to motivate the retrieve squad to gather missing pilots at 9pm. A bite in a pizza and that was it for today.

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