2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Saturday 25, 69km race to goal

Nice cross-country flying today with beautiful weather. I took very nice shots, definitely the best of the week, I am quite sure, especially during the start. I just cannot verify as I forgot to insert the SD-Card in the camera. There will be other opportunities (just trying too smoothen my wounds). The task was rather classic, turning around Ibituruna Peak, then heading North for 15km or so before coming back to the mountain for the End of Speed Section.

The circle for ESS was quite high in altitude. I decided not to enter into a narrow valley on my left and instead went for the black rocky part of the mountain on the right. It took me several minutes to gain altitude in a strange soaring on the lee-side. I was having my first collapse for these two weeks when my instruments validated the ESS. I heard it as a subliminal message, my focus was on stopping rotation towards the cliff and avoiding hitting it. So that was it for today and for this comp.

Tonight we have a prize giving ceremony, with provisional winners. We received the information this morning that the Enzo2 sample stored by Air Turquoise, with its trailing released of clips for a total of 40cm, has passed the flying tests matching EN-D. We can see this as good news, the contrary would have been terrible. Tomorrow the podium wings plus the best ranked wings of the three largest manufacturers will be sent to Air Turquoise for glider check.