2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Friday 24, 97km race to goal

Yesterday I was calling for a 100km task due South to Caratinga, no turn-point before. Today the Meet Director offered us that present, a big « Thank you Dio! ». My plan was to experiment someone else’s tactics. Very interesting indeed! Lots of fun, landed a bit short of goal, but to live some adventure. Landing – again – in a muddy field, chatting with curious children, walking about 1h30 under the sun, meeting with locals.

I was on the verge to climb up a hill in order to glide down to the next city or maybe to fly back to GV. But the countrymen advised me to stay on the road, which I did, and eventually talked to someone on the retrieve frequency. That gave me the opportunity to exchange views with Petra about life and its accidents. Men and women and kids. About how much we like paragliding, traveling, competing but hate gaggle tactics, angry faces and other tricks. Lucas, Joël, Mark have quit the competition, maybe some others as well, thumbs up guys.

I happened to learn some minutes ago that Speed is dead. Hopefully Fly has survived. Speed and Fly are goldfishes my son received for Christmas. Glad that Fly will be there when I will be back home. We will replace Speed, for sure.

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  1. Schumpeter, si tu nous écoutes, sache que tu seras toujours dans nos coeurs (et à côté de nos chaussettes sales!)

    • Bonjour Julien,

      Avec toutes ces histoires, même pas eu le temps de finir le bouquin! Et ma machine à laver le linge a rendu l’âme hier soir… Création destructrice?


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