2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Thursday 23, 88km race to goal

You know what? I am bored. I released a post this morning thinking that would reset my mindset. A new email from Alain Zoller arrived in the meantime. Maybe he is right, let’s can the event altogether, no production glider conforms to EN-D criteria or to the sample gliders hold by test-houses. Something is dead.

Nevertheless, a task was set. But as the whole task committee was not present it had to be changed, which took enough time for a thick veil to park above our heads. I tried to take the start upwind, with Richard and Pepe. And if we did not land before the start it was only a short delay before we were grounded. Except for Pepe, a wise fox, who is still flying and has a chance to win such a task.

Two days to go! Just do something, someone, please.

4 réflexions sur « 2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Thursday 23, 88km race to goal »

  1. Hi Maxime,
    I am not perfectly speaking English, but have some kind of knowlege in that field. And I do not understand at all this part of your sentence  » …let’s can the event altogether,… ».
    Could you please clarify? Thanks a ot.

  2. Good morning Maxime,
    I just saw the mail sent by A Zoller (two days ago) and I now understand your text.

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