2014 World Cup – France: Conclusion

Frist words of conclusion have to be for the local organizer of the PWC Cœur de Savoie. Weather forecasts have had a hard time, organizers have had a hard time, and it started right on the registration day when the prediction for the whole upcoming week was awfull. After the closing ceremony, it must be said this organization has been more than excellent, a full success. They build a great village with lots of animations, booths attended by local producers, hundreds of children visiting and discovering our activity, bands playing, a very large ballroom for breakfast and dinners, plenty of shuttles and tons of volunteers, more than 40 sponsoring partners… Impressive.

As mentionned in the introduction of this series of blog entries, I confirm the atmosphere is different when playing at home. Not worse, not better, simply different. No smell of traveling, no thrill of adventure, you sleep at home. As well, the wounds of the SuperFinal are still healing, and many pilots wait with interest for the selection to the European championships from the national teams, the French one at the forefront.

About the Conical End of Speed Section, I may have been a bit harsh, but will not change a word. We should get rid of it. Be aware that when average varios for the day are at +2m/s or more we are rocketing through the sky at full bar, regardless of McCready theories, and then when reaching goal we should slow down? Sometimes our comps are named XC-comps, or distance comps, but they are speed comps. Speed is their essence, only time at goal line should prevail. The solution is simple and has a name. Time-based scoring.

In this competition I messed up one task, I know the reasons, I know how to control them. No real issue, though a tiny chunk of disappointment. The consequences were high on the classification as it was the task to complete to score high. I miss those points. At the end of the day, 25th overall is not so bad, and it offers me a new qualification to the next SF. I qualified and participated to all of them. We will see if I go to Turkey. Cherry on the cake, I received a new trophy for finishing 3rd team with my mates from Woody Valley.

My next and last participation to a World Cup this season will be in June and the destination will be Portugal. Chances are I will switch back to French, among several other things that might change then. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Maxime,

    I know it maybe natural to switch back to french, and there might be a lot of compatriots pushing you that way …

    I just wanted to let you know that some of us at the other end of the world (at least me), enjoy your english blog entries !!

    Saludos desde Argentina

    • Good to hear from you Edu!
      Well, well, well… that one won’t be easy. 🙂
      My english is far from perfect and I feel limited sometimes. Double and shorter entries might be an option, if not double the work. I will give some thought on this. We’ll see!
      Hope to see you again soon.

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