2014 World Cup – Portugal: Introduction

Introduction. When I wrote down that word in the title, already looking for ideas to fill in the blog entry, I was wondering: have we been introduced? Do you know me, you who read me, speak about me or talk to me? Maybe, maybe not. Texts published here may denote that I have the easy life, having fun, traveling around the world. But, as an example, how many have any idea about what happened in my life over the last year and a half.

Not many. And out of these, how many respected or supported me? That is an interesting question. Still, the answer will remain with me. I had written more, scheduled it for a release yesterday, but it will be disclosed later, or never.

Enough with tears and cries. I am now in Portugal, in the city of Celorico da Beira, for another World Cup event to occur next week. I will fly with a new equipment during this World Cup. I had such a good price that I could not refuse the bargain, nor the idea that reason could prevail, stupid me.

Yesterday was the celebration day of De Gaulle call to the braves, a long time ago, to those loving their country in spite of all its contradictions and malfunctions. I will make my best to be brave even if the call has not been the one I expected.

As of now I will try to double my blog entries. In french and in english. Not necessarily with the same content. Maybe I will stick more to the facts with english and be more emotional or personal in french, due to my differentiated skills in both languages. Maybe not. We will see how I manage this, among so many other things! Let’s live and fly now!