2014 World Cup – Argentina: Thursday 6, No Task

We woke up with the sound of rain drops hitting the ground. A cold front has arrived above our heads with the intention to spend the day with us. The other day the farmer that gave me a lift in his pick-up told me the surroundings are usually much drier at this time of the year, with less wind. Talk to me about climatic change… or PWCA weather effect?

Not much to do, some rest is welcome anyway. A day off is a good opportunity to look for souvenirs, much better than spending your last local currency in the airport mall on the way back home. The point is actually to find something. Late afternoon the sky turned deep blue again. A bit like the general atmosphere of the competition, absolutely dispassionate, like silence after the avalanche, hopefully not like silence before another storm.

The beginning of this year is interesting, full of philosophical questions. Like: what is more important, ethics or rules? Or: what is more valuable, your friends or your results? Or: are we competition machines or do we care for our sport and fellows? I know my answers. For sure they are not compatible with an always-on waterproof mood for competing. But they are 100% in line with the pleasure I take in flying, competitions included.

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  1. Good questions my friend ! I suppose, even if I am not taking part in any competiton and that I am a very litle bird compare tou you and others competitors, that I share the same answers than yours. Even if some, hopefully not all, are triying to impose by their acts and behaviour a different point of vue.

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