2014 World Cup – Argentina: Wednesday 5, 68km Clock Start

Today is a better day. We had sun, we received reassuring news from the hospital in Cordoba, we had a nice and fun task, we flew over beautiful country, we saw the goal line, we had a short retrieve, we went shopping, we had a swim and a shower, we are set for starters and appetizers.

The race has been a clock start with a long window for launching because the conditions on take-off were cyclic and the sky was perfectly blue. We raced along the ridge, Aravis or Arclusaz style to give you an idea. I started my flight by visiting the approach circuit of the landing below, then took the first start with only half a dozen pilots. I was so happy to fly almost alone, only accompanied by Sylvain and with Tomoko demonstrating her skills for thermalling. The task was kind of an out-and-return. We were very inefficient in the first leg, strangely the back wind one. Conditions improved when we reached the turn-point, so that the way back was easy and the pilots having taken the last gate raced like hell. The last part in the flats was also tricky to make it to goal.

All in all, a good normal competition day in a superb country.

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    • Yes Maurice! I had to adapt after the accident occurred before the start of the first task. Worrying less and taking some fun felt good.

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