2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Monday 20, 50km task not flown

The weather did not look too good, the forecast was nos too optimistic, nevertheless to have a chance to fly a task we had to be on take-off, so there we went this morning. The long parawaiting session allowed many discussions, none of them conclusive on the right way to handle the current issues with the use of supposedly certified equipments, neither on the next steps to follow for improving the situation. The only sure thing is that some people will not be happy with the outcome of the situation, whatever it is. No way to escape by the top, only crawling away from the melee seems an option to avoid being hurt.

But we have to face reality: EN-D is not meant for defining a competition glider. That’s it. EN-D has been helpful as a transition phase, it has calmed down the search for higher speeds delivering uncontrolable collapses. The soonest we change that, the best. The simpler we keep the new rules, the better. Because rules must have a way to be controled and enforced. I try to avoid as much as I can comparizons, but for the sake of clarity (I confess my previous post may sound cryptic for non-specialists) let’s use one: imagine EuroNCAP 5* is used as a definition of a WRC rally car or a Formula 1 racing car. That is what we are doing by using EN-926 as a definition of a competition paraglider. It is meant for assessing passive security. It does not fit the purpose of competition rules.

What will happen now? I do not really now. I was not focused on result when I came here so that I feel a bit detached. On the longer term, I care about paragliding, about competition, about PWCA. I want them to display a positive and responsible image. I am not really confident in the CECC propositions for defining a competition paraglider as they are too complex and subject to a vote from FAI delegates. But they may be the first step towards a solution.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the 30 minutes fly today, playing with the cloud, playing with the ground. Hopefully we fly a task tomorrow.

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  1. I’m just glad to hear that at least one of you guys is thinking, not screaming. I just hope you’re not the only one, but as I read forums and blogs all over the net, it seems hard to believe.

    Fingers crossed for a nice weather tomorrow…

  2. Le manque de communiqués quant à ce qui se trame attise tous les excès.
    MERCI Maxime pour ces informations qui éclairent les pilotes et nous donnent à tous des clefs de compréhension.
    Tes analyses et ta lecture incontestablement sincères et justes des évènements servent notre sport et ses pratiquants, à une heure où personne ne fait un effort de clarification.

    Les pilotes, même hors super finale, ne comprennent pas comment on a pu en arriver là. Les conséquences sont et vont rester dramatiques à tous les étages.
    Gageons que nous saurons garder confiance dans les qualités humaines qui animent la plupart des concepteurs: ils cherchent avant tout à aller dans le bon sens. Gageons qu’ils se recentreront tous sur quelques valeurs fondametales que recherchent les pilotes.
    Avant le point de non retour.

    J Mi ARA

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