Performance Paragliding – Efficiency (job done!)

After a few more night sessions, I completed a cycle started about 5 years ago: it started by writing a book about how to perform in paragliding, in French. I put on paper a large part of my knowledge and experiences in that area. Then started the long journey to get this book translated to English and published. Now the job is done. 

Performance Paragliding – Volume 2

The second volume of Performance Paragliding is now available both as an ebook from Amazon Kindle store or a printed book on the regular Amazon webstore. Just in time for you to be efficient in the next SuperFinal! And in case you liked the book, do not hesitate to send some stars with your appreciation on Amazon product page. 


After having finished writing this book, I realized the difficulty of writing the last word of it. I see everything that I didn’t develop, all that time and space didn’t allow me to write. You’ll understand from reading this book – although it’s difficult to admit – that we must accept the fact that we’re not perfect. I realize that this is true for both athletic performance and writing.

Therefore, I’m adding some suspension points to my conclusion and will be delighted to have your feedback on what you’ve found in this book, but also on what you’d have liked to find. Write me a little message through the contact form on my blog. I’ll be glad to write back and, who knows, maybe I’ll use your feedback as a nourishing material for a new book.

Thank you for taking the time to read me.

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