Performance Paragliding – Preparation (Paperback Edition)

Yippee! The first volume of Performance Paragliding – Preparation, is now available in paperback edition. Thanks René and Alex. By looking for a solution for you German readers, I could find a solution for all potential readers!

Sometimes you end where you should have started. I was so focused on publishing an e-book to avoid physical issues that I neglected options. With the major one lying exactly in front of me: Amazon Direct Publishing. I might promote a bit too much their services these times, but this particular one makes a difference for authors: you can publish a paperback edition, worldwide, with no minimum copies to print, at a material cost of about 3 Euros per copy and a distribution margin of 40%. All in all, very attractive for modest authors.

I will see if, like it is possible for the e-book, I can upgrade the content of the book. I could add pictures to make it look nicer and more colorful. Anyway, even though pictures could make it more enjoyable, I hope you will learn from the text, or find sensible questions to ask yourself about your practice. On paper!

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