2014 World Cup – Portugal: 25/06/14, 73km Race to Goal

The weather forecast proved absolutely right. Linhares did not see the light of the sun today, deeply buried under a thick cloud layer. Curiously, after dellaying the departure of the shuttles for one hour, the meet director sent us to Azinha, the far and South take-off. That sounded akward given the NW wind prediction.

But this proved also an absolutely right decision. The take-off was more than tricky for getting airborne but once in the air the conditions were totally fine. The thick and low cloud layer over Linhares was blocking all wind entry into the Serra. That was good news for the beginning of the fly but became a concern later on the task. Because all the task was designed backwind for NW or N wind, and we faced significant SW wind.

Making it to goal in an optimized way with this side wind was very difficult, our ground glide ratio in the range from 5 to 7. Yoshiki found the best way in front of Pepe and Felix. For the next two days we shall fly ni a big blue sky.