2014 World Cup – Portugal: 22/06/14, 66km Race to Goal

We saved the day. After some time spent in a briefing theater then in buses then on a parking lot facing a summer ski slope, we went up to Azinha take-off. I barely had the necessary time to open the glider, clean the lines, attach the carabiners and stick a number before the task briefing was called.

Cloudbase was at about 2300m, which is not really high here. By the way, I forgot to mention yesterday that the local organizer managed to have a NOTAM freeing our playground up to FL125. That is more than enough, good job. The wind was of variable strength, coming from South and slightly turning towards West along the course. Cores seemed to be stronger in the lower half and the western part of the last and long leg proved to be quite buoyant.

The pace was calm at the beginning, slowed a bit at mid-course and then increased dramatically at the end. Felix is still on fire and took the day, just before Andre and Jacques. Yoann realizes a great performance in 4th position.

Unfortunately the weather forecast is still very pessimistic for the next two days. At least, as stated above, we saved the day today.