2014 World Cup – France: Friday 30, 46km Race to Goal

Another task today! In spite of all weather forecasts, this comp managed to break the spell that usually doomed events in the Alps. Nevertheless, given the wind strength prediction, taking into acount the risk for thunderstorms in the early afternoon, the organizer set a short task involving so many turnpoints that I cannot recount how many, also cutting any possibilities for radical options on the course.

But sometimes, strange things happen. Like the big gaggle going towards Savoyarde after the start, neglecting a powerfull thermal in the take-off area. Like the rest of the big gaggle going low into the shadows below Val Pelouse. Chances I did not miss to improve my position. A large part of the performance today lied in the choice of lines and in the ability to permanently recenter the core of the thermals. And, as usual, arriving at the right time in the right cycles.

The last glide started from Chamoux, with the usual turnpoint at Coise, then the conical end of speed section at Chamousset. My GPS gave me about 50m above goal at the moment I quit Chamoux. I adopted the theoretical speed to fly at 50km/h for a cone at 1/3.5 slope. About 10 pilots overtook at fulle speed me in that glide, we all met the convergence line, we all arrived 800m above goal, and they all were credited a better time and score than me. CESS is useless and now we should discard this idea that is brilliant on paper, good for politics but too complex to be usefull, understood and working in real life. I forgot to mention that my second GPS beeped about 20s after my first one, because of GPS altitude inacurracy (guess which unit I handed over at download?).

Tomorrow could be a good day for flying, last competition day, we will see how it turns out!