2014 World Cup – France: Tuesday 27, no Task? Shopping!

Plic ploc! What is this noise waking me up? Hmm… Let’s postpone the alarm clock for one hour at the minimum! A little later, at 9:30 the day is canceled. Rain is there to stay. So that outdoor activities are quite limited if you are not fond of canoeing or rafting, which in fact is not to be advised on rainy days. What’s left? Shopping!

Now, having more photos of the following type in my competition album than pictures of happy faces, gliders, blue skies and nice landscapes is not a good signal related to the sportive quality of the on-going event…

Depending on sources, the weather may or may not change tomorrow. Anyhow, there will be quite a bit of moisture to vaporize before the day becomes taskable. We will see!