2014 World Cup – France: Training (in the wind)

Today was reviewing of local conditions. Meaning: take-off, usual thermal, cloud-base and East face of Arclusaz. I am not fond of wind. And South wind is usually the nastiest. We had South-West wind and conditions were close to brutal.

My plan was to ridge soar Arclusaz then Aravis but given the conditions I stopped my course at Dent de Cons and went North to the lee-side of Tournette. After some bits of sink I met an excellent thermal, then headed for Dents de Lanfon. I could not understand very well the aerology up there so I turned left to Roc des Boeufs, the highway back home slicing into les Bauges.

Roc des Boeufs with 15 to 25km/h South wind was a first for me. Interesting. Julioz could not decide itself whether it would catch valley breeze or wind so I pushed my way to the North-East side of Colombier. Another interesting place that spat me towards the very low Northern end of Arclusaz. I found myself facing the North breeze, OK, let’s catch this. Once 300m higher, at rock level, there I caught the highway back home.

While flying today (3h30 airborne), I just repeated to myself: « I do not want to compete in such conditions, I do not… ». Later on, at the landing field, the Meet Director told me that he would not have launched a task in such conditions. Right! We are not flying Alpha Jets!

Tomorrow morning we use the General Briefing, then, hopefully, a ride to a take-off, before the rain hits the fan…