2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Wednesday 22, 65km race to goal

Building a shower on take-off might be a good idea. Even more with cold water only. Because after discussions, evening dinner, discussions, breakfast, discussions, shuttle, discussions, de-briefing of yesterday’s task, discussions, briefing of today’s task, discussions and eventually take-off, I could not cool down. So that I decided to fly alone, looking for my own way.

Definitely, flying alone is not efficient. Nevertheless I almost caught up the leading group twice at 20 and at 15km from goal. But they squeezed 2m/s+ while I had to satisfy myself with 1m/s. Add 500m above the goal line and you will have the explanation for being almost 8 minutes late behind Honorin with whom I was at 1/3 of the task, quite in the back of the pack. Anyway I am quite happy with this flight and my flying, remained almost silent since I landed, and for sure during the flight as well.

Hopefully this mess will be sorted out quickly. Even though I do not believe so. Please let me enjoy my vacation and, since I am here to fly, the three next flights before going home.

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  1. It was nice to see you fly today through the live track. I now have answers to why you were flying this way.

    Wishing you the best for the next three days. But still, I’m looking forward to reading about your point of view on the whole thing. Maybe once cooled down.

  2. OK Maxime, enjoy the last tasks of this competition as much as you can… For the time being arguing will help no one to be effcient in the air.
    But I hope the situation will be clarified as quickly as possible.

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