2013 World Cup SuperFinal – Brazil: Saturday 18, 67km race to goal

The day started slowly, a forecast for rain plus a take-off capped by a cloud delayed our usual departure at 9am to 10:30am. Once on take-off, conditions did not look so bad. So that we took-off for a 67km task. When waiting for the start gate to open, it was quite obvious the 1m/s average climb we had around the peak would become weaker in the flats, not to mention an absence of lower clouds on the direct route to the first turnpoint. Because higher clouds we had, and only one additionnal turnpoint before the goal. So basically we had to complete a out-and-return task, first leg in the dark and facing wind. Which proved to be tough.

(no pictures today – I took again the small video camera – even without the plastic casing the sound is awfull, just enjoy looking at the clouds and the gaggle)


I had decided to be a bit more aggressive today, meaning I would take more initiative to stay with with front group. This concept purely exploded after the first glide. Pilots were scattered everywhere, struggling to stay airborne first, to gain altitude second, as soon as we crossed the river. Nevertheless I kept on trying to go forward and find bubbles. This worked out rather well, but my average altitude was only decreasing.

Maybe I lost my patience at 1.5km from turnpoint 1. Maybe I disconsidered a 0.x updraft. Maybe. Anyway I pushed to tag the turnpoint and could not connect again with any kind of usable lift. I simply slided down a gorge, only to discover a powerline was crossing it. I spotted the lower point of the three cables, went for it, and when almost above them, saw the fourth tiny cable going from pole top to the next one. It passed about 2m below my harness. Pardon my French for the words I may have pronounced then. I calmed down, landed – safely -, packed and waited for the retrieve bus with Stefan who had landed there about an hour before. For sure, 3h to cover 34km is not our best racing speed. Same for Pepe and Luca who won the day with about 45km…

Waiting for the start

Start is open

Now it rains in GV, let’s see what the weather allows tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Maxime,
    Thanks a lot for all the comments, we can leave it more as if we were there with you guy’s. As it was Saterday yesterday we were several to follow on Google Earth, but you were absent for a while, no coverage. This is what happend when you go almost under the electric power cable. I know the feeling…. one time in Spain… it is uggly.
    Reste concentré – bonne chance – on est avec toi

  2. We are so pleased you could avoid problems when landing. I can imagine what you felt, and in that case all the bad words are not only allowed but mandatory !!!! We hope you will have soon better weather conditions for enjoyin g pleasant tasks. See you…

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