We have a new title, and sub-titles!

Performance Paragliding

Aligning planets is not something you can decide to, but only observe. Tough call to find a consensus out of the short poll. Nevertheless, the first result on titles for the English version of « Parapente Performance » is unexpected and outstanding: swapping words of the initially planned title is a must. As in military and flying action, best strategy in litterature does not survive the first minute of engagement. Thanks a lot for your feedback. As well, I should have thought of a « native English speaker » checkbox in the poll, but readers will be from all over the world, won’t they? 😀

Preparation for XC and Competition Flying

For both sub-titles, the use of « The » to introduce sub-titles won less than 10% of the votes. So, no the. « Preparation » beats « Training » in a 2-to-1 factor. Fine. Now the tricky part: do I use an extension like « for XC and competition », or not? Votes on that option, for both sub-titles, were rather balanced. As it is better to have a clear title, with the support of sub-titles, then it is clear that the focus of this book should be claimed.

Efficiency in XC and Competition Flying

In between the two words proposed in the poll, « Flying » and « Performance », the latter arrives first by inches. But when considering only answers having proposed « Preparation » for the first part, then the former leads by seconds. The issue at hand, here, is that « Performance » is in conflict with the general title of the book. So there was no real race, « Flying » had won without running. As a matter of fact, it won for both volumes because it complements in a great way the base line « for/in XC and Competition Flying ».

Which leaves me with no obvious solution for the sub-title of the second volume. I secretly hoped a brilliant suggestion would pop up. And two did. I considered « Execution », because the topic is about producing a performance, about delivering. But it has a business not-so-fun smell. And when coming from a French author, as Josh would say, it also brings up a bloody memory of guillotines. Next and last production(s) of the brainstorming is « Efficiency », together with « Optimization », and I will stop here. Efficiency because we never optimize our flights. We only try to minimize the number of our errors and the effect of their consequences.

Here we are!

Next step? Many more. Maybe to tell you a bit about ebooks, Amazon, perfidious Albion or designing and chosing covers. We will see!

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