PWCA 2013 Automn Committee Meeting

Given the current weather and humanitarian situation in Baixo Guandu and more widely in Espirito Santo state (see here and there), I weighted the wisdom of publishing comments, moreover critics, about sportive aspects of our sport. I came to the conclusion that whatever happens in Brazil, we have to consider them.

The minutes of PWCA 2013 Automn Committee Meeting held 15/11/13 have just been published for Christmas. To spare you the reading of the 35 pages, a sign of all the complexities addressed by the organization, I propose here below my own cherry picking of the points that should drive your attention. As strong as I can, I will separate facts from my own opinion. Here we go!


  • Only 5 or 6 members attending out of 12.
  • No candidate to replace current General Secretary.
  • No candidate for Treasurer position.
  • Vice-President: a desired new position otherwise President could face conflicts of interest due to multiple roles.
  • A general Strategy paper has to be drafted by the President.

Super Final

  • Concept of « Hero » is now official in order to claim for Super Final wild card, without definition, in addition to « Legend » (winner of World Cup Tour, winner of World Championship).
  • Additional option « Special Circumstances » is now available in addition to « High Services Rendered » to claim for Super Final wild card.
  • The « Conical End of Speed Section » will be used by default during next Super Final. It has never been used before in a regular World Cup event. Pilots will be given 1 day, the training day before the first competition day, to get used to and to understand the CESS. The PWCA will produce a manual to describe CESS procedures before Super Final event (in Brazil).


  • It is not written in the minutes but the expected CESS slope is 2,5:1. That means the optimal speed for final glide is determined as where the slope (not the glide ratio) of your glider polar is 2,5:1. In practice it shall be within in the 55 to 60km/h range. The target is to discourage tricks to go faster than homologated speed on last glide.
  • It is not described in the minutes how the CESS tip will be placed: on surface or below ground. The second option would be sound.
  • The goal line, part of the PWCA DNA, is replaced by a semi-circle (we call that drawing a half-moon in french, bet it is a half-full one). You can make goal without actually crossing the line. It will be introduced during the next Super Final, at the risk of creating new problems trying to solve a non-existing one.
  • The distance to goal, used to distribute leading bonuses along the course of the race, is calculated to the goal itself, not to the CESS, that one being at ground level or at current altitude of the pilot.
  • For stopped tasks, the 2,5:1 slope may cross with altitude compensation 4:1 slope, leading to potentially interesting discussions with pilots close to the goal area (line or semi-circle), before or after CESS, high or low.


  • No physical limitations to speed system travel will be mandatory. It is said that manufacturers did not have time to implement for 2014, while having them in stock or working on brand new gliders.
  • Glider checking procedures will be derived from rules set by CIVL for FAI Cat.1 competitions.
  • Radio checks cannot be enforced.


  • The details of the agreement with Flymaster will be disclosed later.
  • There are no news of an improvement of the cell-phone coverage in Baixo Guandu area (not mentioning the current catastrophic situation).
  • Current trackers will be sold after event in Mexico.


  • Discards are re-introduced in 2014 for regular events, using FTV at 20%. Reasons are: to reduce pilot stress under tricky conditions, to reduce pilot stress under financial expense, to anticipate FAI using it for Cat.1 events.
  • The best position during the race will be used for stopped tasks, instead of last position before stop time.
  • The never-used Altitude points will be removed from the rules, turned old-fashioned by CESS before they had a chance.
  • 2014 Super Final may be either in Erzincan, Turkey or Reunion Island.
  • A « PWCA Organizer Rule Book » shall be derived from recent FAI Practical Guidelines for Competition Organizers.
  • Next PWCA General Assembly will be held in Macedonia.

Correct me if my understanding is wrong!