PWCA 2013 Competition Rules: What’s New?

Having read and contributed to the 2013 Competition Rules of the PWCA, here is a list of new or updated articles that may be of interest for those involved (Guess who? The pilots!). Be aware I may have missed some points, or misunderstood others!


  • GAP: As of now serious and realistic parameters will be used in the GAP formula. And the results of the first task of the World Cup in South Africa are a perfect example of this new setting (Nominal Distance: 80km, Minimum Distance: 3km, Nominal Goal: 50%, Nominal time: 1h45). Parameters will be set accordingly to each site.
  • Stopped Tasks: First thing, a virtual pilot making ESS at stop time is introduced to deduct time points for the pilots that made goal before Stop Time. This is meant to eliminate a non-linear effect in the distribution of points. Second, the glide ratio for Altitude Compensation has been raised to 4:1 instead of 2:1.
  • Distance Points: Now the distribution of points is linear based on the best distance of the day.
  • Altitude Arrival Points: When ESS and goal line are placed at the same position, points are given according to the altitude of pilots above goal. The points are distributed in between 0m and 1500m above ground, with an optimum at 300/400m.
  • Minimum racing time: The rule has not changed, but some clarification of the 1h minimum racing time rule has been added.
  • FTV: The task winner’s points should be used instead of Day Quality. The annex is still under construction and will be updated.


  • There are no more Continental Tours, no more Continental Champions, no more Continental Selection for SuperFinal.
  • Previous SuperFinal event qualifies for next SuperFinal even as season World Cup does.
  • Pre-PWCs are level-3 by default.
  • The 900/1800 devaluation scheme is used for all comps (including pre-PWCs and PWCs).
  • No more prize money is mandatory for organizers. This will favor more services to pilots, such as lunch packages.
  • Rules must be written and refered to on the Task Board.


  • The registration fee for SuperFinal is increased at 330€ to allow the PWCA to stop losses on that event.
  • An extra-fee of 50€ allows A-D pilots to register late and be placed in « alphabetical » order in the waiting list instead of at the end of it.
  • The confirmation cycle has been increased to 7 days instead of 5 to automatize the process at the PWCA office and give more time to pilots for answering.
  • A slight change in numbering: 1 to 199 numbers are reserved for pilots having flown in the latest SuperFinal.

That’s about it!

PS: a big thank you to Ulric for having drafted these rules.